Wednesday, July 25, 2007

65daysofstatic: The Destruction of Small Ideas (Monotreme)
release: May 1, 2007
style: post-rock experimental instrumental
rating: ***1/2
65daysofstatic --the name comes from an unreleased John Carpenter film--is opening for the Cure. Holy gee! How in the world did that happen. The last time i saw the Cure they didn't even HAVE an opener. Although this British band's complex instrumental rock is on the dark side, i'm skeptical how it's going to go over with most of the Cure fans. Because it's instrumental. and experimental. Like, i bet a lot of them will just be talking, finding their seats and not appreciating the intricate interplay of 65days' guitar, drums, bass, piano and electronics. If the stage lighting can somehow coincide with the music, then there's a good chance that enough people will be staring at the stage thinking, oh man this band is amazing, too bad this jerk is drinking a beer and looking at his cell phone. Count your blessings and be thankful you're seeing this band. -Kenyon

The Boggs: Forts (Gigantic)
release: May 8, 2007
style: Boggy bogg rock
similar: Art Brut, Metric
rating: ***
Somewhere along the way from the Boggs' first album (which wasn't the easiest listen) to Forts, they made a huge transition, letting go of the street-folk and blues and instead writing songs that could be considered indie pop! "Little Windows", with its deep male voice and girl voice is, unbelievably, reminiscent of Beat Happening or the Vaselines. Elsewhere, Forts still has smatterings of the Pogues and some just-drank-four-beers vocals. The difference is that this is something you can really party to. A pleasant surprise indeed. I'm totally wasted right now. -Kenyon

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