Sunday, July 27, 2008

TK Webb & the Visions
Ancestor (Kemado)
release: September 2, 2008
style: sludgy blues rawk
[rating: ***] As the next logical step, TK Webb recruited ex-members of Love as Laughter. The Kansas City, Missouri/Brooklyn artist is real cool for the first few songs and then it sorta wears off. Maybe with the exception of "1000 horns," a spritual tune with an awesome chorus. "Teen is Still Shaking" is Jimi Hendrix teaching Built to Spill how to rock. Yo dudes, feel free to quote me on that. "Year 33" walks through a deep forest with shades of Nirvana, starting out just okay but improving from thick psychedelic riffs of emotion. The slow, sludgy eight-minute "God Bless the Little Angels" is out there in dreamland. For that reason, Ancestor deserves a second listen. -Kenyon

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