Monday, July 21, 2008

WWE Great American Bash. July 20, 2008.
Nassau Coliseum, Long Island New York.

photos by kenyon and tara. clicky on photos to make bigger.

Misssstterrrr Kennedyyyy about to get his ass kicked.

Shelton Benjamin new U.S champion!

Y2J intro.

HBK, this whole thing was a bad idea.

break the walls dowwwnnnn!

get the balance right. whoa, a DM song. not suitable.

CM Punk intro.

Batista vs CM Punk.

Cena attempting the FU on JBL.

near the end of the "parking lot brawl"

you think you know me. Edge intro.

time to play the game.


best move- shawn michaels moonsault (back flip) from top turnbuckle onto chris jericho and lance cade onto floor.
biggest shocker- colin delainey turning on tommy dreamer
most outrageous- john cena vs jbl parking lot brawl, john cena driving forklift that is holding a car with jbl into coliseum.
biggest fall - john cena off stage and onto car
most beat up- shawn michaels
worst interference- kane interupting cm punk vs batista
most happy and surprised to see - mr kennedy
funniest thing shouted: "let's go jericho" during the womens match. best most fun chant "let's go hardy"/"let's go shelton".
biggest upset- hawkins and rider winning the tag team championship.

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