Sunday, July 13, 2008

Manda Rin of Bis to make solo debut. LP due in September 2008. Tell it to the kids.

Manda Rin, the girl from spunky-punk turned disco synth Scotland trio Bis, will release her first solo album, titled MY DNA, through This is Fake DIY records, September 8, 2008. She has four new songs at her myspacey and they're not far from where Bis left off quite a while ago with the 2001 album Return to Central. Although the lead single is "DNA" --a synth disco cheese affair-- the post-punk dance funk "No Language" sets the gears into motion. "Guilty Pleasure" is just that. This is all like, a naive Duran Duran fronted by...Manda Rin. Oh snap, i just remembered i met John Disco of Bis back in 1998! holy crap i forgot all about that.

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