Saturday, August 16, 2008

Salme Dahlstrom
The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade (Kontainer)
release: August 19, 2008
style: boppy dance pop
[rating: **1/2] As dated as her take on big-beat dance pop may be, give credit to the Swedish Dahlstrom for creating her own samples (you won't find any vintage guitar riffs) as well as self-producing and mixing. The Acid Cowgirl is polished pop at the core, especially on the highlight "C'mon Y'all", a sister track to Outkast's "Hey Ya". The simplistic lyrics in, for example, "Hello California" begin to establish where the music is compatible-- "this place is going straight to my head/and all the pretty boys I see everywhere they make me never want to go to bed." Adding a sunshiney attitude, Dahlstrom can best serve the tween market. -Kenyon

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