Monday, August 25, 2008

Wrap it Up with Wrapping Paper. interview by Kenyon.

Wrapping Paper [aka Tim Andrew Meyer of Saint Paul, Minnesota] wrote a fabulous song about the Advance Copy blog. This earns Meyer an interview. The Hold Up the Neon Sign EP, featuring the marching band indie pop title track, is out now from Borrowdeer records.

this is Wrapping Paper's "excited" look.
Advance Copy: Let's get to today's reward challenge. You want to know what you're playing for? Fishing gear. Sound good?
Wrapping Paper: As far as rewards go, fishing tackle is the best thing I could possibly hope for.

AC: How is life going in Saint Paul, MN?
WP: Life in St Paul is going as good as can be expected for a former prize fighter. Those days are over.

AC: Have you had recordings prior to this Neon Sign EP?
WP: This is the first Wrapping Paper release. I used to be in a band called Cemetery Cemetery when I lived in Santa Barbara. A free download of that stuff is available at my label's website www.borrowdeer.com. I have an acoustic ep for sale at Borrowdeer as well. That "group" is called Workhorse Industries. On September 2, Borrowdeer will be releasing a free download of an EP by a very raw two piece I was in called Happy Veterans Day. Other than that, I self-released a CD with a Captain Beefheart meets Paul Robeson sort of sound back in 1999 under the name of Crazy Tim. It was called Teen Idol. This will be reissued by Borrowdeer at some point.

AC: How many songs about blogs have you written?
WP: I think I've written about 7 songs for blogs.

AC: Are the songs all the same melodies with just different lyrics? Or are they completely diverse?
WP: All the songs are completely diverse. You can hear a couple others at dancehallhips.wordpress.com and saidthegramophone.com/archives/inhabiting.php

AC: You have also been writing songs for people that buy your EP. How much of your time does this take up? Do you have time to do other things each day? This seems like a huge task.
WP: Writing songs for people does take up a lot of time but I really enjoy doing it. Currently it probably takes 5 or 6 hours a week. It doesn't seem like work though. I work from home so I have more free time to do this sort of thing now. I've done a song for a 6 year old's birthday, one about pit bulls, one about how Jesus lives in Milwaukee, one about how Kurt Vonnegut is a better writer than Jane Austen and a bunch of other interesting topics. People seem to really like the idea. I've done close to 50 songs since the end of June. It hasn't become a huge task so far. I'm hoping to wake up one morning and see that I have 100 songs to do. That would be my idea of a great time!

AC: Can i make a bad pun/wordplay about your artist name in the title for the interview? You know like, "Rappin' with Wrapping Paper"?
Feel free! I laughed at Rappin' with Wrapping Paper.

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