Sunday, October 05, 2008

An Albatross
The An Albatross Family Album (Eyeball)
release: October 21, 2008
style: over the top post-hardcore prog noise
similar: Man Man, the Blood Brothers
[rating: ****] So named for including all band members of the past decade, the dizzying Albatross Family Album may be one of the most sprawlingly noisy concept records ever conceived. Saying Family Album is like carnvial music moving at light speed would undermine this ambitious outing, though it is a good place to start. This fantasy concept effort about a tribe of voyaging pilgrims finding the framework for peace hits its climax with "The Electric Proletariat Rides a Velvet Chariot" prior to completing the mission with the rumbling "3000 Light Years by Way of the Spacehawk." -Kenyon

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