Sunday, July 11, 2010

movies left for dead.

Magic (1978) Ventriloquist dummies are creepy, and a young Anthony Hopkins and his dummy Fats more than fulfill that notion. Sort of a twist on Psycho and other movies with someone who has a split personality, Corky is a troubled guy who is overcome by the identity of Fats. Magic is well made and acted, though the only thing missing in this early psychological horror film is a clear reason as to why Corky is off balance (something with his parents?) and how and why he decided to acquire a dummy after failing as a magician. [rating: $5] -Kenyon
Wood Chipper Massacre (late 1980s) Amateur, camcorder-shot sorta horror-comedy concerning three kids that accidently kill their aunt and dispose of her in the woodchipper. There's a video on youtube that condenses the whole movie into a few minutes, which is really all that's necessary. Oh and the acting is beyond-the-door bad. [rating: $0] -Kenyon
The Abomination (late 1980s) A bizarre grotesque parasite thing is spawned at a man's house. First its under his bed and then in the kitchen cabinets and clothes washer. It makes him kill people for food, including his mother, who is too dumb to get away from a monster confined to the cabinets and slow to stretch out its tentacles. Amusing for its cheap gore. [rating: $1] -Kenyon
Mosquito (1994) Campy, fun gore via giant mosquitos. Cast includes Gunnar Hanson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) who pays homage to himself by picking up a chainsaw. Fun times, unless you have a serious phobia of mosquitos. [rating: $6]
Piranha II: the Spawning (1982) The piranhas have mutated into flying piranhas. Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Pumpkinhead) highlights the cast, who is directed by James Cameron (!) for his first feature film. Spawning is slow moving for most of the first hour, so it's only worth seeing the fish attacking. Appreciate this now before the remake of the original comes out. [rating: $2] -Kenyon
Bloody Murder (1999) Low budget slasher that blatantly rips-off the most basic stories (guy with hockey mask terrorizing people at a camp, sound familiar?). While the potential victims speculate on who is the maniac, Bloody Murder goes into different directions for no reason other than to fill time. Total dud. [rating: $0] -Kenyon

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