Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Capstan Shafts: Revelation Skirts (Rainbow Quartz)
release: August 24, 2010
style: power pop indie rock
[rating: **] Rainbow Quartz had been releasing a ton of psychedelia and garage rock, from the Grip Weeds to Lilys to Telepathic Butterflies. I kinda wish they stuck with that exclusively, because one-person band the Capstan Shafts is not making me feel like everything feels good. Dean Wells, who had help from producer/drummer Matt LeMay, is like a power popping Billy Bragg with no cause. All the melodies are plain and interchangeable, while the vocals are sleepy and sometimes off-key. Maybe having only one other person to work with is the problem, as there is no one to give him feedback while he's playing all those instruments! I mean, i dig the Dinosaur Jr style guitar solos, but track after track there's a strong sense that Wells is not fullfilling his potential. -Kenyon

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