Friday, July 29, 2005

"We've got a lot riding on this record," says O.A.R. vocalist Marc Roberge. "We tend to get pigeon-holed as a jam band, a college band or a touring band. We haven't been taken seriously as songwriters."

Cue violin.


As reported earlier, "Any Way that you Want Me" by Spiritualized (originally by the Troggs) is on the soundtrack for Me and You and Everyone We Know. Warning: those hoping for the song to be played during a magical, romantic moment in the film will be a tad disappointed. In fact, you, me and everyone we know may never think of the song the same way again.


Music by M83 is in the trailer for the wierd looking sci-fi/thriller/apocalyptic film Night Watch, out today, July 29, 2005. See the trailer HERE. Mute records will re-issue M83's debut album on September 6, 2005, originally released by French label Gooom in 2001.

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