Friday, July 15, 2005

Well, tomorrow, July 16 is the celebrated (or should I say notorious?) Siren Music Festival at Coney Island. I haven't gone to one yet, don't plan on going to this one. I don't even think it matters to me anymore who is playing. Spoon, Mates of State (ok fine, Jason is a really nice guy), Ambulance Ltd, VHS or Beta, et al. Whoop dee freakin' doo. Oh how I would just love to spend my day in the hot sun, packed together with thousands of other suckers, including the people that would normally be there who picked the wrong day to go on the rollercoaster. I would like, however, to hear some opinions of this show. Anybody? As for me, I'll be gearing up for a "performance" taking place on Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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