Saturday, July 30, 2005

The latest from clairecords, which helps keep the shoegaze (and some indie pop) flowing.

Sciflyer: The Age of Lovely, Intimate Things EP
What Swervedriver would sound like underwater. About 50 feet underwater. As usual with Sciflyer, the vocals are way way buried in the mix and the guitars are droney. The Age, which is two "lost singles" and some "b-sides," includes a song called "Never Come Down" that clocks in at 14 minutes. So they pretty much should have called the band Vervedriver. -Kenyon

released: August16, 2005
similar: Swervedriver, Skywave, Moose, Sianspheric

Silver Screen: The Greatest Story Never Told
Cris Miller (aka Silver Screen) got started playing music by trying to play songs by OMD on a Casio. You can definitely hear an influence from OMD here, but The Greatest Story is more about guitars than keyboards. Those guitars are pretty and so are Miller's vocals. -Kenyon

released: May 24, 2005
similar: Riverside, Lucksmiths, Starlet, Cocteau Twins, Lightning Seeds

Eau Claire: s/t EP
Members of Experimental Aircraft and Clear Horizon, residents of Texas and Ohio. Four tracks of whispery ambient pop.

released May 24, 2005
similar: Softies, Sugar Plant, American Analog Set

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