Sunday, July 10, 2005

LIVE 8. July 2, 2005.

If you missed Live 8 last weekend (and hell, why would you want to watch TV all day and miss most of it anyway due to commercials and the fact that it's in several cities at once?), all the performances are online at AOL. god damn i love technology. also there's a lot of good/funny comments at Stereogum, who I hope will trade blog links with me sometime within a year.

some highlights:

Although they played it way too safe with the non-surprising "Beautiful Day," "Vertigo" and "One," I'm still looking forward to October 10 at Madison Square Garden.

Pink Floyd
Roger Waters was there. Really, you need to bow down to them.

Coldplay with the Verve's Richard Ashcroft for "Bitter Sweet Symphony." Unfortuntely, no signs of Verve guitarist Nick McCabe. Rolling Stones probably recieved a small royalty for the sample in the song.

The Cure
What? the Cure played? oh hell yea! Except there didn't seem to be a keyboardist. And the guitarist is...hmm, looks like Porl Thompson, otherwise it's someone new. That'd be sweet if it's Porl Thompson.

Will Smith Dude, come on man, he did "Summertime."
Scissor Sisters. they can dance
the Killers just one song but pretty sweet
Duran Duran original line-up
a-ha yea!

-Kenyon Hopkin

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