Thursday, September 08, 2005

advanced news ticker: Peter Cetera of the band Chicago was totally wearing a Bauhaus t-shirt in the video for "You're the Inspiration"; VH1 (which is obviously insecure about itself because they like to make fun of other people) accuses it of being one of the most "awesomely bad love songs".......The Bravery compete with Interpol for NYC band that plays too many shows.......Kanye West suddenly seems bad-ass now....The Dandy Warhols will play at CBGB on September 14th; new single still kinda weak.....Doves look to break record for most played festivals in shortest amount of time, scheduled for CMJ Music Marathon September 14, Texas's Austin City Limits Festival September 25, Across the Narrows Festival October 2 and San Francisco's Download Festival October 8.......Broken Social Scene record out October 4, Kenyon still says they're overrated up the gazoo.......Metropolis records to release DVDs from Skinny Puppy and Front 242 (enter witty remark about kids today not aware of these important bands here)...Kenyon coins the term "post-hipster."

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"Saturday, September 03, 2005

you can now listen to the program anytime within the week after the original broadcast time! it's broken down by hour. just plug in these urls!"

YAYS now i can listen from home!