Friday, September 16, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: local commercial radio station 94.3 WMJC played FIVE relatively good songs in a row. Coldplay "Speed of Sound," Squeeze "Tempted," Semisonic "Closing Time," Depeche Mode "Precious" (from new album), U2 "Beautiful Day." Then they ruined it with the Dave Matthews Band. [note on Semisonic: the drummer is rather outspoken about the corruption of the radio and music industry, if you haven't heard].

In related local radio news, WLIR, which back in the day was the only commercial station I listened to and in its later days became less of an "alternative," has been eliminated. Well actually it changed format to "NeoBreeze," which, as reported in Newsday, will be "an easy-listening format that's slightly hip: Alongside Frank Sinatra and Yanni, you might hear R.E.M." Really f*cking sad, dude. Did I mention they fired all the DJs? Well, they did. There's no DJs. It's all automated like that Jack junk. This is yet another reason to listen to WUSB.

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Jared said...

one of those rare times you can't get down on clear channel