Monday, September 26, 2005

If you're still wierded out by music from Spiritualized in a VW commercial, well, just try not to think about it. Here are some unexpected audio tracks I discovered to maybe divert your attention to a credit card or pants. Okay maybe I've been watching more TV this week, shut up ok!? I did my homework first! And um, you're not my real father!

CIV: "Can't Wait One Minute More" (Toyota or Nissan)
U2: "Love Rescue Me" (melodramatic MSNBC coverage of hurricane)
Madness: "It Must Be Love" (Levi's? it was definitely jeans)
Bow Wow Wow: "I Want Candy" (Reese's. Except the chorus was modified)

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M83: "Don't Save Us from the Flames" (Pontiac)
Minotaur Shock: something from Maritime i'm sure (American Express)

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Anonymous said...

does anyone else think it's strange that a company is trying to sell a car using a song about someone who committed a fireball of a suicide using, say, a car? perhaps pontiac is trying to tell us something ...