Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Candy Wrappers on the Floor Match Your Eyes.
Elefant at Webster Hall, New York. May 17, 2006.
with Sound Team and Aberdeen City.

Welcome to the Black Magic Show.

Set list: Black Magic Show, My Apology, Tonite Let's Dance, Ester, Why, Now That I Miss Her, Love, Lolita, Bokkie, Make Up, Don't Wait, Clown, Uh Oh Hello, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, Misfit.

I don't care if Diego is "hot". The music is hotter. And to the guy who went up front just after Sound Team and was talking loudly and singing loudly and horribly: I don't care how excited you are, you need to check yourself. Jerk.
Sound Team. Six people. 3 synths, yet still rock.

Aberdeen City. They sound like the Editors, who sound like Interpol, who sound like Joy Division. Guitarist had Joy Division shirt. So you see, it's all about Joy Division.

More photos HERE.

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