Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The iOs: In Sunday Songs (Kanine)
release: May 16, 2006
styles: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
similar: My Favorite, Finechina, High Water Marks, Slingshot Dakota
rating: **

I guess we should be impressed that the New York Times compared the iOs to the band Stars and the New York Press said they are a "lush new wave indie pop boy-girl group." Indie pop boy-girl group they may be. The "lush new wave" part is pushing it. In Sunday Songs, the band's debut full-length, doesn't feature anything particularly special. At least until they get to "Rockets" and "Deeper Sleep." That's when the band really shows some musical and vocal talent with warm, and yes, "lush" rock. But before and after that, the iOs only hunt for a melody and a way to get the synth, guitar and forced vocals to make peace with each other. -Kenyon

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