Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Imaad Wasif: s/t (Kill Rock Stars)
released: April 11, 2006
style: Singer-songer
rating: ***1/2

When I first listened to this album, I wrongly assumed that the birds chirping sweetly outside my window were a hidden charm lurking behind the prettiest harmonies of this sappy lovesick acoustica. Alas, they were just birds out my window. Still, the album is perfect for spring time sunsets, and Imaad Wasif is a bulb on the verge of blooming for years now. Before embarking on his current tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wasif has dabbled in lesser known projects like Alaska! and The New Folk Implosion. Check out his self-titled solo debut if you’re still bummed over losing beloved singer/songwriters Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith, or if you want to know where the YYYs have been drawing their mushy inspiration from. -Shannon K Ronan


The Spirit That Guides Us: North and South (Goodfellow)
release: March 28, 2006
styles: Indie Rock, Emo, Post Hardcore
similar: ...Trail of Dead, Desaparacidos
rating: ***

With seven dudes in this band including two vocalists, The Spirit that Guides Us really has no excuse not to rock. On North and South they do rock, even when some minor post-hardcore cliches are present. Tying in politically concious lyrics, the Netherlands band isn't ordinary enough to be just another statistic at purevolume.com. -Kenyon

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