Monday, May 22, 2006

Robin Guthrie: Continental (Darla)
release: May 15, 2006
styles: Ambient Bliss
similar: the Cocteau Twins
rating: ***1/2

One could say that Continental is the Cocteau Twins without the wondrous vocals of Liz Fraser. But on his second solo album (and first of four for Darla--woo!), her vocals are unexpectedly not missed, as the former guitarist of one of the most significant bands in underground rock piles on layers upon layers of heavenly guitar effects. Continental is a joyful listen, whether it's the bright, uplifting "Radiance" or the opening title track, one of several which could easily be from any point in the Cocteau's catalog. With the pretty instrumentals following the standard blueprint of shoegaze and dreampop which Guthrie helped to invent, some fans might want to see Guthrie explore other territories. It's more likely that they'll be happily satisfied with this and any other new work they can get. -Kenyon


Unwed Sailor: Circles EP (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
release: May 2, 2006
styles: Post Rock, Experimental
rating: **

EPs are tricky. At best, a tryst with captivating music ending entirely too quickly. At worst, you’ve invested your time in a handful of songs that go nowhere. Unfortunately for Unwed Sailor, the latter scenario holds true for Circles, which consists of two lengthy instrumental tracks seamlessly melded together. 13 minutes into their 15 minute EP, the band finally finds its footing, landing on a pensive little melody with upbeat percussion and purposeful guitar ramblings. But beware, the road leading there is dreary and vacant. -Shannon K Ronan

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