Friday, August 11, 2006

Girl you know it's new. click on the magic words.

Freescha: Head Warlock Double Stare (out September 19 on Attacknine Records) experimental, avant-garde sci-fi fantasy disembodiness. Moby loves them. And they love Moby.
Your Black Star: "Oh Jesus" (full record out October 17 on Wonka Vision)ex-Elliott (non-screamy on Revelation records). similar: Hum, Swervedriver.
Sandi Thom: "I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker" (record out August 29 on RCA)i wish your lyrics weren't so obvious. someone at RCA liked her webcasts from her flat in London. blop. similar: Katherine McPhee, KT Tunstall.
Oxygen Ponies: clips from s/t release out August 8. band name could be worse i guess. sim: Lambchop, East River Pipe, Ryan Adams. someone have a witty comment please?

oh wow look how diverse i am! now i can make a profile on myspace and say "i listen to everything. except rap and country."


girl you know it's new. two videos from peoples with funny names.

Kaki King - "Yellowcake" (record out August 8 on Velour) mystical. sim: Tegan and Sara, Joanna Newsom. Windows. Real. Quicktime.
Landon Pigg - "Can't Let Go" (out July 25 on RCA) non-mystical. more like, look at me see how cute i am. ram. asx. mov.

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