Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Over the Atlantic: Junica (Carpark)
release: September 2006
styles: Sweet Indie Electronic
similar: Postal Service, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Brittle Stars
rating: ***1/2

After listening to "History Never Repeats" from Split Enz 100 times, it's time to move on to another, more contemporary band from New Zealand. Over the Atlantic are duo Bevan Smith and Nik Brinkman, who have put together a breezy debut of innocent, harmonizing vocals, soft little Casio-style percussion and when needed, guitar. It's very indie electronic, but with a song titled "Kevin Shields," we'll guess that Over the Atlantic felt a small influence from My Bloody Valentine. "Honest Words" is a big winner on Junica, in which the cute vocals jump around ringing guitar and happy synth. The best thing I've heard from New Zealand since, you know, Split Enz. -Kenyon

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Anonymous said...

These guys are pretty good, but Split Enz are hard to top.