Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dog Day: Night Group (Tomlab)
release: June 12, 2007
similar: Versus, the Vaselines. rating: **

If Mute and Astralwerks can branch out and sign rock bands then so can Tomlab. Tomlab rules. I can't say the same for the music on Night Group. The boy singer's voice (the girl is underused) is so close to Built to Spill's Doug Marsch. That's fine. Lo-fi noise indie pop is super duper but the vocals here are sleepy and saggy and the songs are lacking excitement, which results in losing interest in lyrics that may contain something intelligent. There is some decent energy once in a while ("Sleeping, Waiting" is perky) with a nod to traditional classic indie rock from the early 90s. Along with wondering how Kevin Costner keeps getting work, it's also a mystery why Tomlab jumped on this. -Kenyon

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