Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Icicles: Arrivals & Departures (Microindie)
release: April 9, 2007
styles: tweeeeeee, indie pop
similar: All-Girl Summer Fun Band, Heavenly, Dressy Bessy, Camera Obscura
rating: ***1/2
More twee please. What rules about the Icicles is that, well, they're not young. At least most of them do not look younger than 25. Sorry! This gives me faith that although i'm getting older maybe i can still be in a twee/indie pop band one day that is as sunny and carefree as the songs on Arrivals & Departures. I don't think i can identify with "Snowbird" though. It's about yearning for the summer. Fudge that, give me winter! More songs about the goodness of winter! "Gedge's Song" is an adorable few minutes about a cat that wants to go outside. And you know how i hate when songs are about cats. i don't even hate this! It's the girl-group style harmonies and easygoing breezy melodies that make me love this to pieces. -Kenyon
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