Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i guess that's why i've always got the blues. or...rock 'n' roll hates me.
the Jesus and Mary Chain at Webster Hall, NYC. May 22, 2007.
with a place to bury strangers and the comas.

set included: never understand, blues from a gun, happy when it rains, just like honey, some candy talking, head on, you trip me up, sidewalking, far gone and out, reverence, catch fire, snakedriver, between planets.

song they should have opened with: i hate rock 'n' roll. songs i was most happy to hear: blues from a gun, between planets, you trip me up. other songs they should have played: kill surf city, upside down, the living end, just out of reach.

i know this is new york. i know the jesus and mary chain haven't played shows in like 10 years. but come on, $50? they better be damn good. and they were not! they only played an hour and 10 minutes under lights that were truly mediocre. when you're real close to the stage, the sound isn't too great and you can't hear the vocals, but i was about 7 or 8 people from the stage and it still sounded muddy. i was at webster hall a year ago for elefant and they sounded fantastic. i f-ing love the jesus and mary chain, but they don't make sense. jim reid is so damn indifferent on stage and william reid is all the way way over on the side the whole time. that's they're style, i know, they've been like that from the get go. but if i was singing i'd be so into it. these are great songs. and they have so many of them! jesus. positivity: i had a good spot in the crowd, jamc had the bassist from lush and the drummer from ride, they played "you trip me up." opening band a place to bury strangers have the spirit of the jamc but not the songs. the comas were boring. the end. -Kenyon

a place to bury strangers, yo.

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