Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brad Laner: Neighbor Singing (Hometapes)
release: November 6, 2007
style: lo-fi noise-pop psychedelia
similar: Sean Lennon, Medicine, Super Furry Animals
rating: ****
Brad Laner is the man. Don't ever say anything bad about Brad Laner. Except you can say something about when i interviewed him and asked him what he does when not working on music. He said, "well...i have a DOG". Seriously, Brad Laner is the man though. The first record with his band Medicine [look it up] was brilliant. Later he did some experimetal noise as Electric Company, Amnesia and whatever else. He's been involved in so many bands and projects it's mindboggling. Neighbor Singing, the first record under his own name, is completely unexpected. There are elements of Medicine here--processed guitars, multi-layered vocals and swirlyness--but also acoustic guitars, piano and thick Byrds-like harmonies under a lo-fi home-recording umbrella. Neighbor Singing is a defining, songwriter record that Laner always needed to make. And it's a keeper. Ah yea! Quote me! -Kenyon

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