Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Small Arms Dealer
Patron Saint of Disappointment (Deep Elm)
Release: August 2007
style: punk
similar: Latterman, Kid Dynamite, Black Flag
rating: **** It's not too often you'll see punk bands covered here or on most blogs in general, so count your blessings sucker! One of the few exceptions will be this local Long Island band, whose line-up consists of members from several previous local groups. Patron Saint is another medolic punk-rock rock record with random, inside-story titles ("Harry Houdini Says No and Proves It," "Venkman, Burn in Hell"). The back-up vocals perfectly complement the lead, urging us to learn the lyrics asap to sing along. Despite the titles and the "F you's," the statements about religion, war, drugs, death, et al are necessary reality checks for this F'd up planet. -Kenyon

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