Wednesday, November 14, 2007

thanks for the add. now i go clutter your comments.

Filewile [Switzerland] - this sh*t is bananas like Justin Timberlake chillin with the Streets. my spoon isn't big enough for this. -Kenyon

The Meddling Kids [upstate New York] - This power-pop-punk band, which must have took their name from Scooby Doo, kicks out the jams with equal pleasures of Green Day, Weezer and 80s pop metal. Their cover of Rick Springfield's overlooked "I've Done Everything For You" (which is on a Springfield tribute album comp, no less) won me over. -Kenyon

Michael Greenberg [Boston] "Michael first picked up the guitar at the age of three and hasn't stopped strumming since. As a boy, he could be found standing on the coffee table or on the beach, mastering every possible classic song......" blah blah, blah! The line-up is listed as Greenberg on acoustic guitar and another guy on drums. But make no mistake about it, this is NOT the White Stripes. The best song heard from Greenberg is the lilting, lovely "Sailing." It's not on his myspace page, so go figure. But there is a song on there that uses the sound of chewing crackers for rhythm. -Kenyon

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