Monday, November 26, 2007

Le Concorde: Suite EP
(Le Grand Magistery/Fourchette)
release: November 6, 2007
style: beepy bop indie pop
similar: The Go Find, My Favorite
rating: ****
OMG, lol, i heart Le Concorde. I need to text message all my friends now. The Suite EP is a lollipop of Daft Punk, Jackson 5 and the Postal Service (oddly enough, main guy Stephen Becker, Ph.D (!) was in a band called Post Office). Smart philosophical doctor lyrics such as "I don't want to break you like a promise" sweeten songs that followed Becker's divorce and addiction to literature. A dreamy pin-up artist for the indie pop generation. Heart. -Kenyon


Tiger! Tiger! : The Kind of Goodnight (Chicken Ranch)
release: October 2, 2007
style: dark indie garage rock
similar: the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" but with a girl singing
rating: *1/2 Fronted by raspy vocaled-Buffi Aguero (also drummer of the Subsonics), Atlanta's Tiger! Tiger! rubs the face of indie pop in garage rock that has an attitude. The Western guitar style runs through Kind of Goodnight like a rat that Aguero is trying to kill. I can say something like that because the lyrical matter is comprised of torn relationship experiences. The band is more comfortable when they let loose (the song with the guy singing) and relax with down to earth indie pop (the short "Sometimes"). The remainder of Kind of Goodnight is killing my rock 'n roll with dull knives and whiny vocals. -Kenyon

White Shoes & the Couples Company: s/t (Minty Fresh)
release: October 2007
style: orchestral Asian pop for vintage French films
rating: *** So much of the nicest indie pop is coming from other countries/continents these days. Germany, France and..Indonesia! yea! go go White Shoes & Co.! The six-piece group achieves sophisticated tweeness on its debut. Tender violins and guitar jangles meet with quiet boy-girl vocals for non-alcoholic mixed drinks. The vocals could be made prettier and stronger though. I dare you to not want to make sweet love to this band. Double dare! -Kenyon

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Anonymous said...

Re Le Concorde, I'm not sure what EP you got, but a better cure for insomnia could not be found. Dylan-esque vocals, without the edge the poetry, does not rock make.