Monday, November 19, 2007

Hell on Heels: Dogs, Records & Wine
(Dionysus) release: October 23, 2007
style: '60s garage jumping on the couch with bratty girl pop-punk
rating: **1/2
Awesome name for an all-girl band with a Hammond organ. There may already be enough girl rock bands singing about the same things, but not enough with the organ. The quartet makes sure they fit the part of rebellious youth from the late 50s/early 60s with perfect red lipstick, scarves around the neck and styled haircuts. The girls practice some tough love--"Through With You" and "Pretty Mess" for example. For "Can't Buy Cool" they toss in another obligatory inspiration, early girl vocal groups. The cover of "I'll Come Runnin'" has a country-honky tonk-punk walk, but you know what, Hell on Wheels needs to get REALLY angry about stuff. They need to get infuriated with the world and bleed passion. Otherwise the Donnas and Runaways are gonna kick their ass. -Kenyon


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