Friday, November 09, 2007

thanks for the add. now i will go clutter your comments.

The Whiles - Joe and Matt Peppercorn lead this Columbio, Ohio band. i seriously doubt that Peppercorn is their real last name. i mean come on. Peppercorn? It's so obvious they made it up just for the band. They should have just called the band the Peppercorns. For serious now, the Whiles are pleasant heartaching folk-country-rock. Here's a press quote for you Whiles: These guys should be opening for Wilco. You like that? Good. -Kenyon

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele- this guy from Mississippi said he was in vein to the smiths and magnetic fields, et al. i said, "i'll be the judge of that." it's not like those two artists but i can hear a little of them--the ukulele and the sorta romantic baritone vocals--in Dent May's sophisticated low-key first half of the 20th century cultured folky pop. -Kenyon

The Hectors- Nah this doesn't have an infusion of shoegaze like another critic said. Do not mess with me when discussing shoegazing. Only when the Hectors get the vocals buried and airy and add more effects to the guitar will they have any "infusion" of that at all. The female fronted band has more in common with mid-90s bands Jale and Sleeper. But where are the hooks? I can't find them. Help! ok i go sleep now. -Kenyon

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