Wednesday, December 05, 2007

clairecord reviews

Ifwhen: We Will Gently Destroy You (Clairecords)
release: November 6, 2007
style: experimental post-shoegaze
similar: Glifted, all natural lemon and lime flavors, Melt Banana
[rating: ****] In his previous band, All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, vocalist + guitarist + programmer Merc helped assemble some of the best hypnotic noise since Loveless. Ifwhen, which also includes bassist Kentaro and keyboardist Mary MacDowell, now has the ball in their court. While there are definite reminders of All Natural Lemon's sound effects and androgynous vocals, Ifwhen is even more adventurous and mind-bending. "Escape Method," for example, features warped soundage and extra airy vocals. As a matter of fact, all the other tracks are like that too. Trippy. -Kenyon


The Brother Kite: Moonlit Race EP (Clairecords)
release: November 6, 2007
style: indie rock, indie pop, dreamy pop
similar: the Delays, Band of Horses, Pet Sounds
[rating: ***] Another solid, harmony and reverb-rich Christmas present from one of Clairecords' top artists. The end. -Kenyon

Electro Group: Good Technology (Clairecords)
release: September 2007
style: jangle dream pop
similar: Pale Saints, other bands on Clairecords
[rating: ***] Arriving an astonishing 6 years after the first LP (seven-inches and other things were in between), Electro Group's Good Technology can confidently air on a hip, new music college radio show and no matter what track is selected there's no worries. This is very non-confrontational, child-like swirling dream pop in basic form. The vocals are extra low and soft in the mix while the guitars have hints of Swervedriver. Using candy to rate, this is a peanut butter twix bar. Twix is pretty high up cause it's got cookie. -Kenyon

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