Sunday, December 09, 2007

rock n rolllll [guitar riff] never looked so beautiful.
Semi Precious Weapons
last night at Galapagos Brooklyn [main room] plus k3nyon DJing!

autodrone was originally the only band on the bill i cared to see, based alone on songs posted on webby. ironically enough, autodrone was unavailable and Brooklyn's Semi Precious Weapons ended up setting the night on fire with late '70s punk rock n roll breaking the law with Diamond Nights, a glammed-up Ima Robot and a hard rocking Placebo. photos are mine from last nite but my camera battery power was lost (mainly on me stupidly taking photos of myself with flash), so the video is from another SPW gig (recorded by user wwwhatsup at youtube). the band was f-ing great, the only thing is that it's unclear whether the singer is completely serious or putting on an act. maybe a little of both? you decide. either way i'd be surprised if they aren't headlining venues the size of Bowery Ballroom or bigger within the year. -k3nyon

and because they're my favorite new band of the week-

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