Sunday, February 03, 2008

Foxhole: We the Wintering Tree (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
release: March 4, 2008 [re-issue]
style: instrumental post-rock
[rating: **1/2] This Kentucky band made a good move recording its spacious guitar-drum-bass-trumpet combo in a church. You can't go wrong recording in a church. It ranges from pretty to anti-climatic, while they take a wrong turn when the vocals appear on one track. Vocals rarely work with instrumental bands. The sleepy-time music is of the cold infinite oceans and other than the trumpet and the church environment, the pieces don't have enough leverage to stand out from the band's peers. -Kenyon

Secondhand Serenade: A Twist in My Story
(Glassnote, which is connected to WB)
release: February 19, 2008
style: emo-ballad pop/rock
[rating: **] For people that love people that sound like Dashboard Confessional and Plain White T's "Delilah". Twist in My Story is a nice listen but it's so overly romantic and redundant and formulaic that i'm gonna hurl. The end. -Kenyon

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