Saturday, February 09, 2008

die Kinder- [New York City] with a name like die Kinder ("the Children") we may be thinking something like the hard-electronic machinery metal of Rammstein or KMFDM. This electro-rock duo (featuring an ex-member of the Pilfers) is more like the Sounds or Republica. "Their beautiful blondeness will blind you" their blurb says. Over the top pretentiousness. However..."Tonight is All There is" has the horsepower for an imported car commercial.

Brian Speaker - [New York City]- He picked up the guitar at age 12 and wrote his first song within a few months. Congrats, haven't we all. i did that too and look where i am now. Nowhere! okay calm down. Speaker should be addressed here for this reason and this reason only: among his cameos, his voice is in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. i love grand theft auto, i play it every nite. Psyche! He does voices in commercials too. Therefore "Brian Speaker" is obviously his stage name.

Novus Dae - [Connecticut] - The band firmly wears the influences on the sleeve: Stone Temple Pilots, Tool and other 90s hard rock staples. This could have been destined to hate. But it's bands like this --similar to Long Island band Dearly Departed-- that are sometimes a necessary emotional live experience. Come on dudes, you know you're going to quote me on this.

i Concour - [Leeds UK] - "Lucky Jack / Build Around Me" single (March 10 on Brew records). I thought i made this clear on this blog. Don't mess with Kenyon when giving yourself a tag of shoegaze. i will call you out. i Concour, who has played with the Hold Steady (one of the most overrated bands in recent memory) is not making this sound natural. The guitars are shoegaze but there are no striking melodies. The vocals are way too clear and clean to be shoegaze. In fact, the vocals are being belting out from beyond. There is little in which to get lost. You will find yourself out in 20 seconds.
Ten Minute Turns - [Brooklyn] - This eccentric outfit's lo-fi, almost primitive shenanigans produce off-kilter melodies too tough to tame. Most notably in "Red Light Room."
Joe Calderone - [Connecticut] - From the "the Bang Song": "Gonna shoot you bang bang gonna shoot you bang bang bang bang with my love". Ok? ok cool.

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