Monday, February 18, 2008

thanks for the add. now i will go clutter your comments. ha!

Juviley [New York, NY] - ultra fragile sensitive vocals are as gentle as the acoustic guitar. neither one is assertive enough to overpower the other and the two parts make for one sleepy sunny raindrop soaked morning. On "It Comes to this" he's a turtle looking out of his shell, backed by light percussion, extra guitar and a more assertive voice. There's some trouble with the high notes though. uh oh spaghetti o!

The Lonely H - [Washington] - "The Meal" 1990s indie rock of Archers of Loaf hijacked by the classic rocky of Kings of Leon.
Alex Highton - [UK] - beyond-quiet confessional lullabies. he's also in a band called Mohanski, which gathers the ashes of classic British rock and spreads them across the ocean.

Pale Young Gentlemen - [Wisconsin] - original for sure, though also a pretentious mountain of classical-inspired madness anchored by piano and strings.

Addisqt - [France] - what do you want me to say? i don't even know what this is supposed to be. a pounding of miminal synth blips and bleeps, could easily be music from an old video game. yea. this is blip-blop electronic.


Anonymous said...

what this is supposed to be?
Maybe music.

Unknown said...

addisqt --> c it as the new birdy nam nam crossover with crystal castles - electronics influenced by turntableism and nintendo - it's something different but great new sound - i like ;-)