Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Witch: Paralyzed (Tee Pee)
release: March 18, 2008
style: thrashy metal noise-punk
similar: Motorhead's "Ace of Spades," Warlocks with the pedal to the metal
[rating: ***1/2]
More straight-forward-arrow-shooting than Ancestors, less psychedelic than Graveyard (two others from Tee Pee recently reviewed here), Witch at first appears to be some young kids resisting its world in the late 1970s. Actually it's J Mascis (yes, THAT J Mascis, on DRUMS, no less), friend Dave Sweetapple (bass) and Kyle Thomas (vox/guitar and of avant-folk band Feathers). The simple guitar-bass-drums are put into super-overdrive on Paralyzed, Witch's sophomore effort. Cuts such as "Disappear" and "1000 MPH" are a collison of traditional metal and dangerous punk from the fast lane. "Psychotic Rock" lives up to its name, threatening to go over the edge. The band claims they don't practice or play live much--they are touring this spring--but this sounds rather tight, even if it's a jumble of noise. -Kenyon

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