Monday, March 10, 2008

Auburn Lull
Begin Civil Twilight (Darla)
release: April 8, 2008
style: ambient dream space
[rating: ****] Auburn Lull is like Nine Inch Nails. Not musically of course! God no! The Michigan band's three albums have been about five years apart, that's why. Harnessing the power of Slowdive, Begin Civil Twilight is the group's best piece of work since its debut. That was so cliche! And there was only one other album! For serious though, the Lull--it's like calling Iron Maiden "Maiden" -- paints infinite peaceful imagery in its flowing space rock, sending their guitars through mad washes of effects. It's obvious there was a lot of care and attention put into these pieces, which almost always feature the lightest percussion and ethereal vocals. Since 1999's Alone I Admire, the band has shown skill and patience in allowing the songs to practically take on their own form. Their influence from technology-era OMD makes subtle appearances, as the group manipulates outside technology-driven sources. Like its construction, Begin Civil Twilight requires outstanding care and attention from the ears. Yes, this is pure "headphone" music. God gave us ears so that in 2008 we could hear this. --Kenyon

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