Saturday, March 01, 2008

into. the. future.

Switches - [U.K] - Gosh damn. These guys were really easy to hate. Look at them! Lucky for Switches, they blend their influences into a form of friendly pop, spiked early David Bowie and Queen-esque vocals in "Killer Karma" (not two Radiohead songs combined, no). In a few winks of the eye they go to "Emily Don't," which, after knowing they heart Brian Wilson, is a straight-forward update of the Beach Boys. Covering these particular grounds leads to a minor identity crisis, and the ultra-hipster look of the band suggests ultra-trendiness, but the songs are indeed here for the girls to melt over. And for that, we can hate them. [US debut record Lay Down the Law out March 18, 2008 on Interscope]. -Kenyon. Photo Cred: Autumn de Wilde

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