Thursday, March 06, 2008

Flat Duo Jets: Two Headed Cow
(Chicken Ranch)
release: February 12, 2008
style: genuine raw rockabilly
[rating: ****] Although Flat Duo Jets themselves obviously borrow from big names of the 1950s and 60s, they have served as an eye-opener for White Stripes and Reverend Horton Heat to name a few. With the slick rockabilly acts and their fans today attempting to revive the 1950s, Two Headed Cow--unreleased gritty recordings from 1986 that accompany a 2006 documentary focusing on singer/guitarist Dexter Romweber--is highly respectable considering when it was recorded and the band's lack of stand-up bass, or ANY bass for that matter. It's hard to accept that a doc on this guy could be very exciting, so for those dedicated to roots rock and the like, Two Headed Cow (THC?hmm) is essential catching-up material. -Kenyon