Friday, November 21, 2008

We All Scream for Ponytail !!
interview by Kenyon Hopkin

photos- Frank Hamilton
Freak-out noise band Ponytail has found its place among the likes of fellow art-noise band Deerhoof. If Deerhoof doesn't ring a bell, think a Japanese Sonic Youth throwing a childish fit. The band's videos are of people dancing as if on an acid trip, which seems to accomodate thei music. Its members, who met at the Maryland Institute College of Art, are Molly Siegel (yelping), Ken Seeno (guitar), Dustin Wong (guitar) and Jeremy Hyman (drums). Their 2008 album release, Ice Cream Spiritual, is out on We are Free records and was produced by underground rock phenom J Robbins.

You're playing Halloween in Brooklyn, is it gonna be mayhem? A party?
Dustin: Hope so! I want to pull off becoming Robin Hood but I can't promise anything really. I might be a shitty ghost for all i know. It's going to be a colorful evening for sure.

Whats the wildest show you ever had?
Dustin: Market Hotel hands down, the hottest hottest night I have ever played. I have never sweat so much in my life.

From where does Ponytail get its inspiration?
Molly: Fleetwood Mac, Dragon Ball, our Moms
Dustin: I think mainly positivity

Are there ever lyrics in the vocals or is it just random hollering?
Molly: There are some lyrics. A few of them are scrawled along the inside of the CD
Dustin: no way dude, molly knows exactly what she is doing

What do you think about the comparisons of Ponytail to Yoko Ono?
Molly: I am honored by the Yoko comparisons. She's for real.
Dustin: Its awesome! Yoko Ono is great.

Is Ice Cream Spiritual a different take or wordplay on Ice Cream Social?
Molly: Yeah you know, but spiritual, get it?
Dustin: It is, but you can also read it as I Scream Spritual too.

I am sure that your music is not for everyone. What is the worst thing any critic or anyone ever said about Ponytail's sound?
Molly: Someone said I was a bitch on their blog once, just for singing.
Dustin: Someone called Molly a whore once on a blog. That was totally inappropriate

Do you guys have day jobs? What are those jobs?
Molly: I work at a Children's Museum in Baltimore called Port Discovery.
Dustin: I work for my mom. She makes Blythe dolls. I make jingles and promotional animations for her.

What's the first significant thing you're going to do when you get home after your tour this year?
Molly: Well depending on what you mean by significant... I am going to sleep for sure.
Dustin: I think i might try to get into that TV series Heroes.


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