Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mt. Sims
Happily Ever After (Hungry Eye)
release: October 21, 2008
style: gothy electronic plop
similar: Cruxshadows, She Wants Revenge, dark Bloc Party
[rating: **1/2] Back in 2002 (wow, life was sure different then huh), Mt Sims aka Mount Sims aka Matt Sims, revealed himself and his stage dancers as an absurd, sexually-charged electro act. Like the second album in 2005, Happily Ever After is a much different Sims, though just as peculiar. Sinister and less robotic, Happily favors live instruments over electronics. Along the lines of dark cabaret and goth/post-punk are "What's the Big Deal?" the revengeful "The Bitten Bite Back" and the Bauhaus-like "Window Window." Sims will hopefully grow tired of this direction, cause boy, i am yearning for his catchier "Black Sunglasses" right now. There is HOPE. Either X-files style or Obama style. -kenyon


Anonymous said...

After reading this, I now have "How We Do" stuck in my head...remembering older Mount Sims. Going to listen to samples of the new record now...

Anonymous said...

yeah i want the old Mount Sims back! This new stuff doesn't even sound like music. What were they thinking! The words don't make me want to dance. ahhh you know how we do!!