Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Smiths
The Sound of the Smiths
(Rhino Reissue Repackage)
Release: November 11, 2008

If you've had any inkling at all to the post-proper studio album releases from the Smiths, you'd be aware of their now infamous best-of and singles comps, whether approved by Morrissey and Marr or not. Today Rhino releases this latest collection (in one-disc and two-disc form), which does get a helping hand from the songwriting team. Of course, The Sound of is suited better for an introduction to the band, as everything on the first CD is already known by any serious Smiths fan. The two-disc version has the B-sides and live tracks, though most of these have already been available and heard.

These are the only noted unfamiliar rare songs on the second disc, aka ones i've never heard. And half are covers. A difference does it make?

"Jeane" – Single B-Side
"Wonderful Woman" - 12" Single
"Money Changes Everything" - Single B-Side
"What's The World" -Live In Glasgow

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