Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Von Bondies: Love, Hate and Then There's You
(Majordomo/Shout! Factory)
release: February 3, 2009
style: indie rock n' roll
similar: The Subways, Stellastarr*
[rating: ****] The third outing from the band that in 2004 produced the ultra catchy two-minute "C'mon C'mon" (later exploited by TV show Rescue Me) excedes expectations. They may not replicate that song in terms of an instant hit, though they sure as hell demonstrate matured songwriting skills for their streamlined garage-rock on Love, Hate. Keeping the female backing vocals following line-up changes, vocalist/guitarist Jason Stollsteimer leads a solid high-energy dance rock album from beginning to end. -Kenyon


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