Saturday, January 24, 2009

El Goodo: Coyote (Grease)
release: January 12, 2009
style: garage psych-pop
similar: Zombies, Love, Abunai, Brian Jonestown
[rating: ****] One of the first releases of 2009 is one of the goodest. El Goodo already lucked out by getting tight with Super Furry Animals. The second album shows why SFA love them so much. "All is just a dream/I'll show you what I mean" this Welsh band asserts in one of many swirling segments. The most stunning characteristic of El Goodo, of course, is its authentic 1960s sound that is at the top of its class. "Feel So Fine" and "Be My Girl" will cause many to double check the release date. Oh and wait for the hidden track. Left the CD going, scared the hell out of me. -Kenyon

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