Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sippy Cups
The Time Machine (Snacker Disc)
release: June 16, 2009
style: kindergarten kiddie pop-rock
similar: The Hipwaders, Recess Monkey
[rating: ***] Be sure not to confuse the Sippy Cups' "kid-rock" with Kid Rock. You know what i'm saying. This group's second outing--inspired partially by their own offspring--is loosely a concept album regarding a Time Machine, though the Cups want you to know that it's not about a Time Machine per se. It's about ourselves and the growth and journey through life. The Time Machine is kid-friendly, parent-approved. Oh wowzer that was so clever of me to type! At live shows they have a guy who juggles and potrays different characters, represented here in songs such as "Seven is the New 14," which is a math lesson that i didn't exactly follow ("6 1/2 is still 6 1/2"). So follow THIS: "Super Guy Saves the Dad" is a quick, lighthearted lesson in anger management to be taken seriously. -Kenyon


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