Sunday, June 07, 2009

tonite! + k3nyon DJing between bands, wooo!


"Love My Way" vs "Ain't No Right"

The concert scheduling conflict for tonite is killing me softly. Psychedelic Furs at Crazy Donkey (with Tom C and Me DJing) vs Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction at Jones Beach. Seems like a no-brainer on which for you to choose. But here i go to analyze. As we all know, shows always sound good in theory and on paper and on your computer screen. Especially the big festival ones. But that doesn't factor in the crowd, the weather (actually it's gonna be nice tonite) and if it's all really worth the money. Unfortunately when NIN played Jones Beach in 2006, the deadbeats in my section wanted to sit, including the guy behind me who had a shitfit cause i was standing. Even though like 90% of the entire crowd was standing. Psych Furs were on long island around 2001 and 2005. Both bands have recently played here, so that gets cancelled out.

The big draw is Jane's Addiction, who haven't toured in several years and are with original bassist Eric Avery, who i am pissed at cause he said he would never ever re-join (thanks a lot Trent Reznor for being the mediator). It's a sure thing there will be a large percentage of people at Jones Beach who are under, let's say 23, and there for NIN and who never ever listened to Jane's Addiction, or who only know one song (let's be safe and say it's "Jane Says"). This means trouble. Also, security at Jones Beach, last time i was there, doesn't allow regular point and shoot cameras AND guys must check any bags (in this case, my messenger bag). So F that. The price of tickets shouldn't be addressed. Obviously, the Jones Beach show is overpriced. But if you are the small percentage of people there who love both bands, then you can look at it as $30 (shitty mezzanine seat), $60, or $100 for two great bands.

Surely there are enough people who would rather see the Psych Furs who don't care that much about or are over NIN/Jane's Addiction. Anyone? We will see. Full report on Psych Furs tomorrow. Tonite i get to DJ with them, and given all the factors, it's where i'd much rather be. Choose your own adventure. -Kenyon

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