Saturday, April 17, 2010

Univox: Univox (ROIR)
release: April 13, 2010 (digital) May 11 (CD)
style: garage rock, rock 'n roll
[rating: ***1/2] "Pi," the quick, garage rocky lead off single from this Philly band's debut, is a misleading first listen. The songs that follow show a different type of band, one that is smarter and melodic. All four members sing and write (hence "Univox"), which brings a unified existence to "You Don't Know" and "Bright Lady Light," the latter of which harnesses their influence from the Kinks. In the middle of the album, Univox takes a respectable chance and exits their box for the dark "All This Blood Came from My Heart," which is like an a cappella Gregorian chant with modern lovelorn lyrics. -Kenyon

listen to the whole album HERE.

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