Saturday, June 06, 2015

RIDE terminal 5 new york 6.4.2015

setlist by album (not in order)

: like a daydream, chelsea girl, drive blind (with noise break)

: seagull, polar bear, vapour trail, taste, paralyzed, dreams burn down

going blank again
: leave them all behind, ox4, twisterella, mousetrap, chrome waves, time of her time, cool your boots

today foreve
r EP: sennen

: black nite crash

carnival of light
: natural grace

cover during encore: tomorrow never knows (beatles)

perfect time (played monday nite) was replaced with natural grace. ironically enough the sound at this show was 10x better than monday nite.

songs not played which i request for september: all i can see, furthest sense, close my eyes, unfamiliar, here and now, today, grasshopper, crown of creation, magical spring, making judy smile.

see you in september.

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