Friday, March 10, 2006

Ambulance LTD: New English EP (TVT)
rating: **1/2
release: March 14
played with: REM, Killers, Guided by Voices

Could have been a major faux pas covering Pink Floyd. Not just anyone can or should be doing that. Ambulance LTD's version of "Fearless", with its gentle vocals, represents just as well as David Gilmore or Roger Waters playing it solo in 2006. Pink Floyd may indeed be an influence, but this EP, like their debut full-length, cuts across the rock n roll map. Which is more of a minus than a plus. Even if they can be versatile enough to generate soul for "Arbuckle's Swan Song," the songs kinda lay flat. It's only a seven-song teaser (with two new songs) until the next LP is out, so we'll see if A LTD can sharpen the focus or if they even need to. Just don't, by any means, no matter what you read, be lead to believe this NYC band is involved with shoegaze. Give them soul, rock n roll, psychedelia. But please, there is nothing here that resembles shoegaze! -Kenyon

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